Are You Ready For A Once In A Lifetime Transformation?

“Discover How To Shred Fat Fast: Get Jaw-Dropping Results That Turns Heads & Stops Traffic!

And Finally Stay Lean & Healthy Year Round!”

“Discover How To Shred Fat Fast: Get Jaw-Dropping Results That Turns Heads & Stops Traffic!

And Finally Stay Lean & Healthy Year Round!”

From The Desk Of South Africa’s #1 Transformation & High Performance Coach Jacque Visagie

Pretoria, South Africa (2022)

Hello Future Kaizenite,

So you want to lose fat, you want to lose it fast, and you want to lose it in a way that is heathy and maintainable… You have come to the right place. 

My name is Jacque Visagie and I am a High Performance coach, specialising in fat-loss and energy optimisation.

For over a decade now, thousands of men and women in 54 countries worldwide have experienced the most incredible transformations using the proven, scientific principles of the Kaizen Wellness Method. 

My team of transformation specialists and I have been helping people to un-fat themselves in the shortest time possible and with the least amount of risk to their physical, mental en emotional wellbeing. 

Maybe you’re here because you saw one of our front-page celebrity or CEO transformations and you’re trying to find out if it’s possible for you too.

Maybe you have completed a transformation of your own and now you’re looking for extra motivation, more personal advice and next-level training and nutrition ideas to boost your results even more… 

…or, maybe this is the first time you’ve ever heard the name Jacque Visagie or “The Kaizen Wellness Method” or you’re a newbie and you need a training plan and nutrition plan from scratch.

Either way, you’re in the right place if you want effective, science-based programs for burning fat and building the body of your dreams, with none of the diet industry B.S. you see everywhere else on the Internet – no pills, no steroids, no starvation, no fad diets, no giving up your favourite foods and no cutting carbs (unless you like cutting carbs)…

On this website, you’ve found the “missing element” – the one thing that works better than anything else to increase motivation, boost accountability and keep you on track when the going gets tough (and the one thing that gets you back on the wagon quickly if you fall off).

You have finally found the step-by-step blueprint that helps you to get lean in the fastest time possible while optimising your energy, mindset and attitude so that you can get focused on what’s really important in life – developing wonderful relationships, doing meaningful work with energy and enthusiasm and building generational wealth.

Welcome, you’re in the right place. 

Why Is The Kaizen Wellness Method The Best Transformation System Available & Why Should You Become A Kaizenites Community Member?

I’ve worked with some high-profile people, it’s no secret – but what I really love doing is helping moms and dads get into the best physical, mental & emotional shape of their lives  – so that they can show up, overflowing with enthusiasm, confidence and energy for the people that they love.

But it’s best if you understand right off the bat that this program is NOT for people that want to get lean at any cost.

My community prioritises physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and it that’s not a priory for you – this membership is NOT for you.

We don’t do artificial aesthetics over health here – there’s no hours and hours of daily cardio or gulping down fistfuls of steroids, hormones and fat-burning drugs.

You CAN look amazing and feel amazing without it costing you your health and happiness.

This program is also NOT for people that live in a fantasy world – where they can sit on the couch all day gorging on twice their daily calorie needs – expecting that health, fitness and wellbeing will fall down on them from the heavens without any positive action on their part.

This program IS for ONLY for people that are willing to learn a few strategic skill sets, who are ready to work on improving their mindsets and who are able to focus on the key health habits that deliver the most mind-blowing results in as little as 8-12 weeks.

Expert Advice You Can Trust From South Africa’s #1 High Performance Coach With More Than A Decade’s Worth Of Experience

I’m the guy that CEO’s and homemakers call when they’re ready to level up. Since 2009 I’ve practiced, preached and lived the Kaizen Principle: Constant and never ending improvement.

Many years ago, I developed my proven advanced fat-loss system.

And whenever people hear advanced fat-loss – they think tiny portions of dry chicken breast and egg whites, steamed broccoli and twice a day cardio sessions.

That ain’t it!

Bobby Petkov Lost 22kg! 

I had the privilege to be in the room when Bobby’s billionaire buddy came to visit him post transfromation and he nearly lost his mind when he heard that Bobby lost 17 kilos – I mean his abs are so close you literally can see them taking shape – and he did all of that in just 12 weeks, with three exercises a day – eating delicious, healthy and energising meals.

He is now at the end of his week 20 and he is now lost 22kg! He keeps on making incredible progress!

Bobby didn’t have to put all this focus on his transformation, because we kept the process simple so that his strategy enhanced his energy and focus for his day, while the fat-loss occurred in the background of his very busy life.

Bobby got to experience the difference it makes when you invest in an expert dedicated to maximising your personal energy – while you reach for your body transformation goals.

Here’s What The Diet Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know…

Anyone can lose their excessive body fat IF they are willing to learn the principles of fat-loss, work on their mindset (and ability to self-initiate action) and develop a few new key skills.

That’s it!

If you’re willing to stop searching for magic-tricks and instead focus on identifying and building the key healthy skills that solve YOUR problems – then my program will show you exactly what you need to do to get where you want to be.

The “magic” is in learning how to follow the right principles in your everyday life.

I’ve coached thousands of Kaizenites to follow my simple step-by-step transformation system to cut through those extra layers of body fat that’s been overshadowing the confident and energetic person within.

Most of my clients didn’t even realise initially how much even a few kilos of extra body fat has been holding them back from experiencing the real richness and vibrancy of life.

There is a whole higher level of amazingness to life that you only get to experience when you look (and feel) YOUR best!

Sadly most people will never experience this level that life has to offer.

You only gain that insight after going through the process of transformation in the right way.

The Kaizen Wellness Method: The Last Fat-loss Solution You’ll Ever Need!

The Kaizenites App is an exclusive members-only community where you can get my proven and easy to follow, step-by-step transformation method, that guides you though this journey all the way to your goal.

You’ll get access to expert personal coaching, motivation, accountability, social support, and scientific information about what, when and how to eat (and train) and how to train you mindset… without the advertising that we’re all so sick of out there on the public web.

With all these resources right at your fingertips, in one place, available 24 hours a day, you can work near miracles on your body’s appearance and your health like so many other Kaizenites have before you.

Bobby didn’t have to put all this focus on his transformation, because we kept the process simple so that his strategy enhanced his energy and focus for his day, while the fat-loss occurred in the background of his very busy life.

Bobby got to experience the difference it makes when you invest in an expert dedicated to maximising your personal energy – while you reach for your body transformation goals.

The Kaizenites App is an exclusive members-only community where you can get my proven and easy to follow, step-by-step transformation method, that guides you though this journey all the way to your goal.

You’ll get access to expert personal coaching, motivation, accountability, social support, and scientific information about what, when and how to eat (and train) and how to train you mindset… without the advertising that we’re all so sick of out there on the public web.

With all these resources right at your fingertips, in one place, available 24 hours a day, you can work near miracles on your body’s appearance and your health like so many other Kaizenites have before you.

Bobby didn’t have to put all this focus on his transformation, because we kept the process simple so that his strategy enhanced his energy and focus for his day, while the fat-loss occurred in the background of his very busy life.

Bobby got to experience the difference it makes when you invest in an expert dedicated to maximising your personal energy – while you reach for your body transformation goals.

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Wynette Lost 15kg

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Dawie Lost 19kg

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Kathy Lost 19kg

Whatever Your Goals Are, You Can Achieve Them Naturally With The Help Of The Kaizen Wellness Method & Kaizenites Community

With my in-app wellness masterclasses, daily mindset coaching, training and nutrition programs in the members-only access inside the Kaizenites App you can achieve any kind of body, mind and health transformation you want.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete couch potato whose desire for wellness has just sparked for the first time or an intermediate sports-fanatic: whether your goal is burning fat, building muscle or both… When you become a Kaizenites member, the tools here will help you:

  • Strip off the layers of belly fat – both the dangerous “visceral fat” and the unattractive stuff below your skin (subcutaneous fat)
  • Lose the last 5-7 kilos of stubborn fat (women: hips, butt, thighs, triceps… Men: lower abs, love handles and even “man boobs”)
  • Lose 50 kilos or more, if you’re very heavy – This will take time, but it can be done with the support of the Kaizenites community.
  • Prepare for a photoshoot – do it for fun, or to document your achievement and make a special memory that will last a lifetime.
  • Build lean muscle – just a little lovely bit of “tone” or add some serious size, if you want it 
  • Increase your strength – gain overall strength, strength in specific lifts or everyday “functional strength”
  • Improve your fitness – 
  • Optimise you health: reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol, lower your disease risk, improve bone density and manage your blood sugar.

And these physical benefits are not even the best part. The real advantage is what theses changes will do for your quality of life and how you feel every day…

“Kaizen was the course that started my wellness journey. I lost 28kg over my 12 week Kaizen Wellness journey. It has completely changed I show up for my family and those I love in such a positive way. I can’t recommend Kaizen Wellness enough.”

– Kurt Darren

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Change Your Body – Change Your Entire Life!

It turns out that the “outside” benefits are just the cherry on top compared to the “inside” rewards people experience after using the Kaizen Wellness Method:

  • Gain a solid foundation of self-confidence (stay peaceful and respectful during high-stress situations)
  • Feel more relaxed and less stressed (with the knowledge that you’re taking exceptional care of your body, mind and emotions)
  • Get better night’s rest (Experience deeper and more restful sleep at night)
  • Boost your immune system (Ace your health checks, rely less on prescription meds and experience less colds, flu and sniffles) 
  • Free up some time (No more wasting precious moments obsessing about needing to lose a few kilos, researching diets or endlessly readjusting your pants or pulling down your shirt)
  • Feel more confident naked (and in clothes, whether in shorts, a bikini, a tank top or a cloth sack) 
  • Enjoy a brain boost (improve your memory and thinking capacity)
  • Improve your sex drive & libido and boost your testosterone levels (dropping just 5 kilos is enough to kickstart the production of healthy sex hormones)
  • Increase your energy, vitality and performance (at home, during work and in the bedroom)
  • Be more social and outgoing (never say no to an adventure again)
  • Feel more attractive and sexy (start turning some heads again)
  • Breathe better.
  • Live longer.
  • And reignite your passion for life!

How do I know? Because since I started coaching all the way back in 2009, my Kaizen Wellness clients have been telling me about all these life changes they enjoyed after completing my methods.

Year after year, men and women have shared their inspiring stories of transformation and explained how the Kaizen Wellness Method has completely changed their lives. 

There are hundreds of pages of real-life success stories in our archives you can see – the ones on this page are just a tiny sample.

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Jacque Lost 25kg

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Bianca Lost 17kg

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Pieter  Lost 17kg

“I want to let all the moms out there know, that it can be done. What ever the goal, big or small. The course will guide you through the process and the community is super supportive.”

– Sorina Erasmus

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It’s Not Just A Program, It’s A Community! (But It’s Not For Everyone)

I believe in this online community approach to transformation and sustaining a healthy and vibrant lifestyle because I’ve seen the difference this has made in so many people’s lives, including my own.

I’ve seen a lot of fat-loss and fitness gimmicks come and go over the years, but the principles that deliver the results have always been the same.

We are still here after all these years because this is a scientific program based on sound principles and a precision strategy, not “tricks,” “trends,” “hacks,” or “magic.”

But it’s not just the track record and integrity that keeps people coming back here year after year.

For most people, adding social support and accountability is the missing piece of the wellness puzzle … without continuous support even the most dedicated dieters struggle to maintain their new healthy lifestyles after their initial transformation is over.

Everyone needs support and accountability to stay the course. 

But I have to warn you again – what we’re offering here is NOT for everyone. We’re looking for people with certain qualities…

We want people that desire higher standards for life – who know that life is too precious and too short to waste even a second more feeling anything but their healthiest and most vibrant self. 

We want people who are committed – who already made the decision to change for the better and are determined to join the most fit, lean, healthy, energetic and successful people in the world. 

We’re looking for people who realise it takes hard (but doable) work and are willing to do the necessary work. If you’re looking for some kind of short cut around the required work, this is not for you.

We want people who are optimists, and willing to spread their positive energy throughout our community to help create a “vibe” in our site that you don’t see on the internet or in social media.

We’re looking for people who are finally ready to do this the right way: People who have tried the diets, tried the pills, tried the exercise gimmicks and are now fed up with these so-called short cuts that let you down time after time and finally realise you’re ready to make a sustainable life change.

If this sounds like you, or if this sounds like the type of person you want to be, then take a look below at the list of what you’re going to get when you come on board with us…

“Initially I joined Kaizen to lose some weight. I never expected the results to be so dramatic. I lost 20kg of fat and gained muscle. It positively effected every area of my life.” 

– Dewald Wasserfall

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A Proven Method Based On Scientific Principles 

Guided By Expert Coaches & Encouraged By An Awesome Community

So in short, we take you through the most thrilling step-by-step 12 week transformation experience, show you exactly how to get into the best shape – outside and in – in the shortest time possible for YOU

And then, we set you up with the tools and the skillsets that you need – to make this – the best physical, mental and emotional shape of your life – your normal, every-day life experience.

And when everything is said and done, you’re still part of an amazing community of wellness rockstars – that share the passion for life and living it to it’s fullest.

You get to keep access to an endless library of delicious meals, fun and challenging workouts and daily creative inspiration that will keep your love for wellness fired up.

There is a whole other level of life experience that’s just waiting you.

And it starts when you choose 

to live each day at your best!

A level of life, where you are awakened by your own enthusiasm for the day ahead, where you jump out of bed every morning ready to give your whole heart to the meaningful work that you’re here to do, where at the end of a fulfilling day, you get to bring the best of who you are to your family and those that you love – because you have simple habits in place that sets you up to show up as the best that you can be – consistently throughout your day.

You’ll cultivate the strength and endurance for your daily tasks, enjoy better mobility and you’ll be surprised to find yourself taking even the smallest opportunities, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, to align yourself with your deepest values.

You’ll regain your gratitude for the person you are, the unique body that you have and that sense of appreciation will respark your passion for this one special life you get to live.

You’ll learn what a true blessing it is to be yourself, here and now, experiencing this life that is yours to live to the fullest.

A life where you naturally, and without caution, open yourself up to new experiences because you now have the energy to fully enjoy and savour them.

A way of life where you can clearly see how every small positive action step you take from the way you eat to how you sleep at night becomes a blessing that you can appreciate along the way, filling your days with an endless flood of gratitude.

Just like these rockstar Kaizenites –

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Tarryn Lost 11kg

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Luke Lost 11kg

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Maudi Lost 10kg

If They Can Do It, YOU Can Do It Too!

Yes, there are celebrities, CEO’s and quite a few personal trainers and dieticians who join our site for advanced techniques, continuing education and levelling up their circle of influence…

But most of our members are regular people – with days filled with commitments and responsibilities like housework, kids, jobs, relationships and a long battle with weight management… which they overcame with the help of the Kaizen Wellness Method.

You see, when you get access to the ultimate transformation experience, a full package – with the right coaching, training, nutrition, mindset tools and support – and, if want it badly enough to take action to move yourself forward a little every day, then what happened in the past it doesn’t matter!

  • It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed before, or given up, or fell for fad diets, or made poor choices – who hasn’t? It’s never too late to change the direction of your life, and there’s no situation (or condition) that can’t be improved so that you experience a higher quality of everyday life.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are 5 kilos or 50 kilos (or more) overweight. Losing a 100 kilos can be done if you are patient and willing to get the support you need for the challenge ahead.
  • It doesn’t matter how old you are. We have members in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and they’ve achieved remarkable physical condition – but most importantly they have seriously improved their quality of life. 
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re so out of shape that you have to gasp for air after a single flight of stairs. We have members that have gone from complete couch potatoes to fitness enthusiast.
  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a drop of motivation in your body. You don’t need more (or any) motivation, what you need is the strategies that initiate action.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you can’t seem to get started or if you have trouble sticking with it. We’ll teach you how to train your mind so that your body takes action.

It doesn’t matter where you are today, because what really matters is –

Precision Training

Programs by master trainers centred around your goals and fitness level. New programs are continually added to your program section. Train at home or in the gym, whenever, wherever with 20-90 minute workouts.

Fat-loss Meal Plans

Meals that suit your lifestyle and preferences. A new calorie controlled, goal specific Kaizen Wellness nutrition plan every month! Plus a library full of mouthwatering recipes created by our fit chefs. Delicious new recipes released every month.

Nutrition Master Classes

In our Nutrition Masterclasses, we take you from the very beginning all the way through to the advanced nutrition and fat-loss principles that you need to get in the best shape of your life, while building healthy nutrition habits that boost your energy, performance and allow you to live a life that makes you feel as vibrant and healthy as possible.

Mindset Mastery

Expert video and audio coaching to help you build motivation and shift your mindset for sustainable success. Finally conquer the high performance strategies you need to defeat procrastination and fear of failure so that you can master the art of living well year round.

Community & Accountability

Your own private Facebook like experience within your Kaizenites App! A truly aligned private community to share and engage with. Daily checkins to help keep you on track with your Kaizenites Coaches there in the community to lead with their expert experience and guidance. 

Kaizenites Stories​

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Your body was made to move! And you know that your body feels and performs better with regular exercise, but how do you get started when you’ve been couch bound for a few years?

Here’s the key – movement has to be enjoyable for it to be sustainable. 

We want daily movement to become a part of your day that you really look forward to, so that’s how we designed our workouts.

We have progressive training programs for every fitness level – whether you start with us as a couch potato or triathlete.

You can decide whether you want to train at home or in the gym, whenever, wherever with our 20-90 minute workouts.

The Kaizenites app is 100% online so you can train anywhere in the world – at home, in the gym, at your hotel, on the side of the road, on the beach looking at the ocean (you get the idea).

As long as you have an active subscription your workouts are available right at your fingertips.

The Kaizenites app makes training easy and many of our workouts don’t require any equipment at all – all you need is yourself.

And brand new programs are continually added to your program section. 

So whether your goal is just to get a little more active or to seriously take your training to the next level – we’re confident that you’ll find a program to love.

Now, depending on your goal, workouts that do require weights or other equipment can easily be substituted with household items (cans or bottles as weights) or purchased for minimal cost (like exercise bands). 

However if your main goal is hypertrophy (to build muscle) then we do recommend that you join a gym with a large selection of weights and machines or invest in a home gym.

Because that is what is optimal for muscle building – you can build muscle with bodyweight programs – but you won’t build serious muscle without lifting weights.

For the average person that just wants to get fitter and stronger – you’ll get far with our progressive bodyweight programs.


Strategically manipulating your energy balance is the key to rapid fat-loss results that you crave and we’ll show you how to get the fastest possible results by following one of our advanced fat-loss protocol meal plans.

With our advanced fat-loss meal plans, we’ll show you how to calculate your exact calorie needs and then choose a corresponding calorie controlled meal plan that will kickstart your fat-loss and get you on the way to the goal post you’ve chosen for yourself.

We’ll share the juicy fat-loss templates that most people never use – because they get caught up in marketing hype that tell you you can’t eat carbs, fats or sugar and lose weight.

These are the templates that the leanest people use to feast all year round, enjoying their favourite foods, while maintaining their low body fat levels.

And on a monthly Kaizenites App subscription – you’ll be able to request a brand new meal plan every month of your fat-loss journey so that your plan always keeps track with the progress that you’re making.

Then once you achieve your goals you can transition to one of our lifestyle plans so that you don’t have to count every calorie and weigh every meal for the rest of your life.

Our meal-plans cater to omnivore, vegetarian, pescatarian and gluten-free eating styles.

So no matter what your dietary requirements are, we can help you achieve your lifestyle goals.


Anyone can follow a meal plan with enough discipline and willpower, but what happens after the diet? 

What will you need to thrive after your initial transformation?

Mastering that skill of sustaining a healthy way of eating – year round – is the foundation of our nutrition masterclass series.

You’ll learn the difference between healthy eating habits and unhealthy eating habits, so that you can make better nutrition decisions at every meal, build sustainable habits and use an outcome based approach with your eating at every phase of your life.

With the right principles to guide you – you’ll be able to adapt when, what, how and where you eat so that you’ll always be aligned with your current life goals – for the rest of your life.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know about macro nutrients, micro nutrients and the perfect balanced approach to eating so that you can optimise your health and wellbeing.

Empowering you with the skill of eating healthy from now on – instead of just the skill of following a meal plan like a robot.

Then we’ll show you how to create a calorie deficit that is so instantly accurate, you’ll be able to watch your body shrink before your very eyes week after week of eating nourishing meals that make you feel your best.

We’ll also show you how to eliminate cravings, retrain your palette and we’ll teach you how to improve your cooking methods so that you can dazzle others with your new found foodie-skills.

We’ll share simple tips that guarantee that you are in confident control of every meal and always choose foods that make you feel the most satisfied, nourished and energised. 

You’ll learn the best ways to combine foods for high performance and to help you beat that mid-afternoon slump.

With our Nutrition For Advanced fat-Loss and Nutrition 101 masterclass series – you’ll have full confidence that you’ll be able to maintain looking and feeling your best for years to come.


This is it. The Kaizenites secret sauce. You see, after a decade of helping everyone and anyone get into the best shape of their lives – I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that the reason that people fail to get and stay in the best shape of their lives – is because of the tenant living in the space between their ears.

99% of people already know exactly what they’re supposed to be doing, their problems are not mysterious to them.

And in most cases, neither are the solutions that they need. They know that to look and feel their best – they’ll have to eat healthy and move their bodies regularly.


…they still don’t do what they know they need to do.

And then it’s very easy to get caught up into thinking you need some magic formula or secret strategy – when in fact – all you need is more consistent action.

You can get your hands on the best workouts and the best diets – AND they will be worth dust in your hands unless you can actually follow them for long enough to reap the rewards. 

Your mindset is what makes or breaks your transformation. 

Because its the captain that controls your action.

If you do not know how to overcome your doubts and limiting beliefs, if you do not know how to be solution oriented and if you cannot get yourself to take action for as long as it takes…

… You will fail.

These are just a few of the skills you absolutely have to have if you are to successfully complete a transformation.

We give you the best diet and exercises strategy for you – yes that’s a give – but the place we absolutely dominate is in that we’ve designed a coaching system that addresses every single mental challenge and obstacle that you will face when you go after YOUR ultimate body.

You see, we’ve already seen our clients make every mistake in the book and we’ve helped them to overcome…

… and to win.

And then, we got so good that we could even pinpoint the potholes in the transformation road – BEFORE newbies even spotted them.

So that’s how we designed this coaching curriculum – we help you to identify potential challenges before they can become problems.

You don’t have to make any mistakes unless you really want that hands-on challenge of conquering – and if you do choose to make the mistakes we’ll show you the quickest and most efficient strategies to get yourself back on track.

All you need to do is to open your app and listen to (or read) your coaching session for that day.

And then complete a short coaching task that sets you up for a successful day’s work.

If you just do exactly what we tell you to do, you will master your mindset and achieve your goals.

These sessions are less than 20 minutes and they’re designed to get you fired up and focused for the day ahead.

That’s 60+ Transformation Coaching Sessions, 12 weeks of daily coaching sessions designed to keep your head in the transformation game so that you see this journey through until you reach your goal body. 

And because we want you to have the best experience possible you can read through these sessions or listen to the audio version on your drive to work. 

We’ve made this as convenient as possible, by giving you our very best strategic mindset mastery tools so that you can complete every phase of your transformation journey with confidence and control.

And the best part is that the work you do on your mindset will make you better in every other area of your life. It will enhance your relationships, it will boost your work performance and it will make you stronger in the areas of your life where you need it the most.


You’re here to get leaner, fitter, stronger and more resilient. 

And then to master living this way from now on.

We’re here to guide your journey so that you get it done faster. 

And our Kaizenites community is here to give you the vital support system that most of us are lacking in our everyday life.

We started this business over a decade ago by helping ordinary people get seriously shredded in just 8 – 12 weeks.

And we expanded the business by coaching people through our behaviour change system that helped them to maintain those results over the long term.

Our initial passion was always to empower individuals so that they could walk away from us at the end of their 12 weeks and feel 100% confident in their new knowledge and skill sets to be able to maintain those phenomenal short term results – year round.

We didn’t want clients for life in the sense that they had to keep staying with us and keep on paying us – you might think that’s not a good business strategy on our part – but the reality is that the average person’s wellness standard is so low – so we realised very early on that this is basically an infinite market.

We wanted to make a real difference here – and the only way we knew to do just that  was to help our clients maintain their new healthy lifestyles – on their own.

And in terms of the challenges and obstacles that they would face in their real day to day lives.

But as the years went we got the same request over and over again – 

Even though our Kaizenites felt confident in their skills and knowledge after their 12 weeks had ended – they were lonely.

They expressed that they missed the accountability and support that the community offered once the 12 weeks were over.

Most people didn’t have close relationships that also valued health and wellness. Many of their friends didn’t understand why exercising and feeding their bodies nourishing foods was important to them.

Without that powerful coaching relationship every day – they felt isolated in their communities.

We made a huge mistake.

We vastly overestimated the independence and autonomy aspect of the equation – thinking that was the best solution.

And we ended up underestimating the value of having an interdependent community that willingly chooses to raise their standards and ambitions for how they decide to live – together – supporting, challenging and encouraging each other.

We still valued independence. But we came to understand the value of the ongoing community. 

So we tried many platforms in order to recreate the close-knit community where we could be in touch with Kaizenites and where Kaizenites could get to know each other too.

But none of them was a good fit…

…until we finally had our breakthrough at the end of 2021.

We now have the technology to build our Kaizenites community. 

Your one-stop place where you can learn life-changing information that helps you to look and feel your very best, a place where you can develop brand-new skill sets that will enhance your energy and the confidence with which you show up for your life –

And, you get to share the most transformative experience of your life – with amazing people that are on this very same personal transformation journey.

You get to learn, practice and grow side by side with people going through this exact process of mastering new skills, overcoming challenges and making noticeable positive growth.

We are building a circle of people who value and honour the responsibility of caring for your health and wellbeing as a meaningful duty that enables us to show up as our best for those we love.

So that we can be a powerful force for goodness in a world driven by short term gratification and meaningless pleasure.

What use is all your new-found energy and confidence if you’re not going to power it back into making the world a better place for those that you care about.

This community sets high standards, rises to meet the challenges that we’re faced with and we support each other, encourage each other, keep each other accountable and uplift each other as we take ownership of our individual journeys. 

We are a social species and we just grow faster and more resilient in the right community than we do in isolation.

We want you to use our social groups to make strong friendships so that you have the right support to handle whatever life throws at you during your transformation.

Join us, and our awesome Kaizenites and finally thrive in the place that you belong.